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A creative co-production with Tim Byrnes.



Animated filmlet

When man realizes that what he can see is only part of a bigger image, he wants to see that image. If important questions about his picture of the world remain open, he widens that picture to find new answers (or to create them). Dissatisfaction with the known world is a driving force to make us overcome barriers and travel new roads. “Erwachen” (“Waking Up”) is about such a break-up.

The filmlet emerged during the preparation for the qualifying examination for the University of Applied Science (FH) Nuremberg.

Download movie:

Erwachen.mpg (15,3 MB)



Conceptual advertisement spot
Golf GTI

Cars are the favourite toys of Germans, abused once more for a childish race without any use. But how to win the customer in today’s competition of extreme usefulness anyway.

This commercial was produced as a teamwork during the course “Digital Mediadesign” at the University of Applied Science (FH) Nuremberg. Professional guidiance was given by Prof. Juergen Schopper, Creative Director at ARRI Germany. Thanks again for all the fun and many insider- stories.

Download commercial and reminder:

GolfGTI_Spot.mpg (32,1 MB)

GolfGTI_Reminder.mpg (2,5 MB)